Poly Mailers: Why They Are Better Than Boxes

Poly mailers have become increasingly popular as a packaging option for small businesses. These lightweight, tear-resistant mailers offer many advantages over traditional cardboard boxes, including cost savings, ease of use and environmental benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why poly mailers are the right choice for your business.


Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of using poly mailers is that they are much cheaper than traditional cardboard boxes. This is because they do not require any additional packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing tape, or foam padding to protect the contents inside. Additionally, they are very lightweight which means you can save money on shipping costs since it will take less fuel to send them out.


Ease of Use

Poly mailers are also incredibly easy to use. No matter the size or shape of your product, you can fit it inside your mailer and then seal the package with a label or sticker. You don’t have to worry about having enough boxes in different sizes to accommodate all your orders, or trying to fit items into an oddly shaped box. Plus, they don’t require any extra time or effort to pack since they can be sealed quickly and easily.


Environmental Benefits

Poly mailers are also more environmentally friendly than traditional cardboard boxes since they are made from a recycled material and don’t require additional packing materials like bubble wrap or foam padding which can create waste. Additionally, since they are lighter weight than boxes, there is less fuel required to ship them out which makes them more eco-friendly as well.

More Design-Friendly Options

Now more than ever, there are many different designs and styles of poly mailers that are best suited to fit your needs. Needing a groovy themed poly mailer for your new shirt launch? You can find it with Graceful Mailers. Need Christmas themed mailers for the holiday season? You can find it with Graceful Mailers. These beautifully designed mailer options will help you stand out amongst all your competition when sending packages to your customers. 

Poly mailers offer many advantages over traditional cardboard boxes for small businesses – from cost savings and ease of use, to environmental benefits – making them the clear choice when it comes to packaging solutions. Whether you’re sending out orders or promotional materials, poly mailers provide an efficient and sustainable alternative that won’t break the bank!

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