Daisy Berries - 12x15 Retail Merchandise Bag

Daisy Berries - 12x15 Retail Merchandise Bag

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Die Cut handle for easy holding!

READY TO SHIP RETAIL BAGS - Our merchandise bags are in stock and ready to ship to you! 

SUPER THICK - Made of puncture resistant 2 mil thick film, which is thicker than your average merchandise bag! Holds up to 20 lbs of merchandise.

LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION - Each custom designed shopping bag is limited edition and designed to help you stand out from your competition! You can be sure that what you’re sending is unique and unlike any other shipping bag on the scene! These truly are a boutique mailer like you’ve never seen before.

SAFE & SECURE GUARANTEE - Our plastic shipping bags  are great for packaging items like clothing, stuffed animals, bedding, and many other non-fragile items. The super strong seal creates a secured closure to make sure your packages arrive safely and without damage. And they’re WATERPROOF!

LIGHT WEIGHT & TIME SAVING - Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equal big savings over other packaging options. Simply peel & stick and you're ready to go!

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Our eco-friendly mailers are 100% recyclable!

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